Accommodation in Maryborough, Queensland

Visiting Maryborough, Queensland? Where can I stay?

This website is designed to provide visitors with a quick and easy way to see available accommodation in Maryborough, Queensland to help you plan your next holiday.

When on holiday in the Fraser Coast area, Maryborough is the central starting point to see and do all that is on offer in the region.

Maryborough is rich in history, and much of that heritage remains today. Beautiful old homes and buildings, outstanding museums, iconic historical characters, events, festivals, tours and the popular Heritage Market every Thursday in the Central Business District.

Many of the accommodation venues offer specials to enhance the affordability of a longer holiday stay. We have included some of these specials on their appropriate pages. We recommend enquiring at your choice of accommodation.

Maryborough has a vast array of accommodation to suit singles, couples, families and groups.

Enjoy your stay in Maryborough, Heritage City of Queensland!

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